Southern California's Mental Health Treatment Network

Our Focus

Hanbleceya Recovery Network is dedicated to treating individuals and families affected by mental illness, including those who have a co-occurring substance use disorder. Providing quality mental health treatment since 1979, the Hanbleceya Recovery Network offers multiple levels of care to best suit individual and family needs. Our dedicated and experienced clinical staff design and tailor individual and family treatment plans to provide comprehensive, quality clinical services. Our trained residential team ensures all of our facilities comply with requisite licensing guidelines and are constructed to provide a safe, clean and loving environment for our clients to recover and grow.
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Multiple Levels of Treatment

Hanbleceya Recovery Network offers 5 levels of treatment services to best fit individual and family needs, ranging from 24-hour residential care to outpatient treatment. When clients begin treatment with us, they are supported in transitioning from higher levels to less intensive, increasingly self-managing levels of care with the aim of reaching the utmost level of independence and self-management possible. Offering a variety of treatment and residential support options provides the flexibility to work with a wide range of mental health needs.

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Treatment Plans Tailored to Individual & family

The clinical services provided by Hanbleceya Recovery Network are delivered using an interdisciplinary team approach. The clinical team develops individualized treatment plans for all of our clients and families, tightly coordinating psychological, psychiatric, medical, vocational, and life management skill development needs to plot a course for healing and learning. As clients and families progress toward completion of treatment with Hanbleceya Recovery Network, treatment coordination involves planning for discharge, setting up follow-up care, helping establish a healthy living environment, and prepare the client to maintain gains achieved in treatment and continue on a path of health and success.

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Highly Experienced Professional Staff

Hanbleceya Recovery Network is made up of professionals with a wide variety of training and experience with mental health and substance use treatment. Our team includes therapists and providers who have specialized training in treating trauma, chronic illnesses, behavioral concerns, addictions, eating disorders, and adjustment disorders. Members of our team participate in multiple, weekly supervision and consultation meetings with other professionals to ensure the highest quality of clinical service is delivered with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

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Quality Well Kept Facilities

To make sure all of our facilities are maintained with the highest quality possible, Hanbleceya Recovery Network employs a compliance team to make certain any and all requisite licensing and operation guidelines are met and that all employees of Hanbleceya Recovery Network adhere to our high standards of performance and professionalism. Further, we place great importance on maintaining residences and office facilities that are well-kept both inside and out so that clients, families and staff alike can work in a warm, inviting environment.


Hanbleceya Recovery Network offers multiple treatment and residential support options with the goal of helping clients and their families build a healthy, quality life. We see this as possible through the increased awareness of one’s struggles, the development of effective coping,

decision-making and interpersonal skills, and learning how to live and work cooperatively using values of integrity, responsibility, compassion, reciprocal support, and personal accountability.

The mission of Hanbleceya Recovery Network is to provide comprehensive treatment and support services for individuals and families struggling with mental health concerns. We seek to provide a space for recovery in a supportive, structured, and compassionate atmosphere. Our goal includes the fostering of hope for health and recovery by assisting each individual and family in developing the skills needed to take charge of and create balance in their lives. We offer a variety of treatment and support options, individually tailoring treatment plans and goals to meet each client’s and family’s needs. Our roots reach back to 1979 when the Hanbleceya Therapeutic Community first originated. Hanbleceya, meaning “a quest for vision” in Sioux language, has grown into a comprehensive system of care serving a diverse group of individuals and their families. Over many years, we have developed close working relationships with numerous hospitals, treatment programs, physicians, and other health practitioners both locally and across the nation to reach out to those who may benefit from our approach to mental health care.

  • Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experience mental illness in a given year.

  • Only 41% of adults in the U.S. with a mental health condition received mental health services in the past year.

  • About 17.5 % - or about 7.6 million - of those with mental illness also have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder

  • Long-term recovery rates for those suffering from mental illness can be as high as 80% for those who seek treatment.

Hanbleceya Treatment Center

Hanbleceya Treatment Center is part of Hanbleceya Recovery Network and offers an extended mental health treatment option for adults requiring more than short-term, acute care. Hanbleceya’s licensed, adult residential facility, social rehabilitation facility, semi-independent living program and transitional outpatient program provide the full spectrum of treatment choices for families looking to support their loved-one in bringing healthy change and sustained recovery to their lives. All voluntary programs, Hanbleceya serves a broad range of individuals, ages and diagnoses. Our program is ideal for young adults with newly identified mental health issues as well as persons who have more severe or longer-standing mental health concerns. Our primary focus is on mental health and we incorporate addiction treatment services for those who have a co-occurring substance use issue. We also offer a variety of housing support services based on need. Concisely, Hanbleceya Treatment Center’s aim is to help successfully launch adults who have had difficulty developing and maintaining independence and personal ownership of self-care and illness management

At Hanbleceya we utilize a therapeutic community approach to healing that focuses on program participants helping one another learn how to manage mental health issues, develop healthy and effective coping and decision making skills, build a sense of community, obtain desired training and education, and enter or return to the work force. Within the therapeutic milieu structure, participants are given the opportunity to experience genuine connection and bonding with others, which facilitates a sense of belonging, reduces isolation and stigma, and facilitates the process of recovery. This unique program functions under the belief that individual healing is optimized in a supportive, community atmosphere that fosters personal empowerment and a balanced life. Family therapy and support is an integral component of treatment, designed to support the entire family system heal and learn how to most effectively maintain the gains learned in treatment.

Helix Healing & Recovery

Helix Healing and Recovery is an exclusive, short-term mental health treatment residence located in the eastern hills of San Diego. As part of Hanbleceya Recovery Network, Helix Healing and Recovery offers short-term (30-60-90 day options) treatment for individuals who’ve experienced a significant mental health incident or set-back requiring focused, intensive treatment to return to, or exceed, previous levels of life functioning. Ideal for professionals and those who have an established proficiency in managing most of life’s demands and challenges, treatment can focus on restoring health, resuming successful living activities, and adding to existing skill sets in order to reach as-of-yet-attained goals.

Helix Healing and Recovery offers a safe, supportive and loving environment in which clients learn to respond to themselves, others, and environmental situations in an authentic and effective way. The Helix Healing and Recovery Team work closely together to ensure all clients have a well-rounded and individualized treatment plan that is applied not only through participation in a daily therapeutic program but also through participation in the residential therapeutic milieu as well as in outside recovery-focused and recreational activities.

Our Team

Dr. Karlyn Pleasants

Executive Clinical Director
Dr. Pleasants has a long-standing history with the Hanbleceya community dating back to 1997 when she first began as a psychological assistant. Over the years she has held many different posts before signing on in 2005 as Hanbleceya’s newest director.

Megan Harrison

Program Manager – Helix Healing & Recovery
Megan was born in Madison, Wisconsin and spent her childhood years in the Midwest. Megan moved to San Diego to served five years of Active Duty with the US Navy. Following an Honorable Discharge, Megan began her studies in Psychology, which led to a Master’s degree in Counseling.

Kayla Karesh

Clinical Director – Hanbleceya Treatment Center
Kayla has been working in the mental health field since 2001 and has experience in various clinical settings. Kayla joined the Hanbleceya team in 2010 and has a master’s in Theology, and a master’s in Marital and Family Therapy with specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy.

Meagan Benner

Director of Admissions
Born and raised in a small town in Maine, Meagan moved to San Diego after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Holistic & Integrative Studies from the University of Maine. She has served in many different capacities at Hanbleceya before becoming the Director of Admissions.